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Are you tired of not knowing how to start your weight loss journey? Does all the noise of these fad diets have you confused?
Keto. No Carb. Low Carb. No Sugar. Herbal Cleanses.

We’re going to give you the knowledge that you will need to help you shed those pounds! No gimmicks, no fad diets, just real info that works for our members each and every day.

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Let's Get Skinny

Everyone will tell you that you should cut all the carbs out of your diet, stay away from sugar, stay away from fats, don’t eat meat, and only drink water with lemon juice to it to fix the PH in your gut to help you burn more fat.

That's exhausting.

We’re here to tell you that all of that is NONSENSE! Here’s the facts:


1. Carbs are you bodies preferred source of energy. In fact, your brain can only function on glucose which comes from, you guessed it, CARBS! Most people will lose weight by cutting out carbs for two reasons:

a. You have reduced your calories over time which in turn means you will lose weight because you are taking in less calories than you previously had been taking in.

b. Carbs transport water throughout the body. If you reduce or eliminate your carbs you also eliminate the amount of water that are retained in your muscle cells.

Moral of the story. Carbs are your friend! As long as its within moderation. Depending on your lifestyle and daily caloric expenditure we recommend eating around 1 gram of carbs per pound of bodyweight. This figure may change depending on how sedentary you are throughout the day.


2. Fat, specifically dietary (Saturated, Monounsaturated, and Polyunsaturated) fats are essential to the function of bodies hormones, absorption of vitamins, brain development, and controlling inflammation just to name a few. Fats are a very dense macronutrient accounting for 9 calories for every gram of fat intake.

As a side note: many processed foods are very high in fats and carbs which make them hyper palatable. It is easy to eat a sleeve of Oreo’s because not only do they taste good but they’re are very high in calories due to the high fat and carb content.


3. Lastly the macro nutrient that will change your life: Protein! This is mac daddy of macros in our opinion because of it's versatility! In order to improve body composition, build muscle, and burn fat, you should be eating at least 0.8/gram of protein per pound of body weight. Here’s why:

a. Protein repairs all the vital muscles and organs of the body.

b. Protein is thermogenic in nature, meaning your body burns calories just trying to digest it.

c. Protein increases muscle mass which in turns equates to your body being able to burn more calories which also means you can eat more ice cream. We love ice cream, we’re just not condoning eating ice cream ALL the time.

Your goals are our ambition

Our goal is to educate you and help you understand what you’re putting in your mouth every day. By doing so, you’ll make better choices to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Calories are KING! That means depending on what your base metabolic output is will dictate how many calories you should be eating. If you go above that threshold every day is when your body starts to store those extra calories as fat. This doesn’t mean you have to eat chicken and rice for the rest of your life. Our members still enjoy pizza, burgers, and tons of ice cream! Its all in how you work that food into your daily calories.

exercise -

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Here's what we're Thinking

Americans live a very sedentary lifestyle that we don’t move enough. Most people are at a desk all day working at a computer, and when we get home we sit and eat then lay on the couch and watch TV. Over 80% of our day is either sitting or laying. We were not designed to do that!

We always ask our members to try and move throughout the day. Take a 10 minute walk! Get up and move around if you’ve been sitting at a desk for over an hour. Stretch. Walk. Exercise! In the end, try and get 30 minutes of exercise 3x a week to help keep your muscles strong and heart healthy.








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