You did it! We’re excited to add you to our Eco Lawn Bots family!

Next Steps


We’ll contact you and schedule a time when we can come meet you and take a look at the property that you would like to have serviced (usually your lawn).


While we assess your property, we’ll talk about the service agreement, the app that allows you to manage the bot, and more things you can expect from the Eco Lawn Bot servicing your yard.


We’ll need to install mower and boundary wires. This isn’t difficult, usually, and you won’t even notice that the wires are there.


That’s it! We’ll be in touch from time to time to service the bots, install any updates, or handle any issues.

“Eco-LawnBots made it so I could spend my weekends getting extra work done for my small business, instead of cutting the grass. That time is invaluable to me! I would HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE who hates yard work.”

John Weiss