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We’re leading a revolution in eco-friendly lawn care, using self-guided lawnmowers called Eco Lawn Bots! Apply now to let us maintain YOUR yard! You’ll never have to pull a cord or spend hours cutting grass on a beautiful day EVER AGAIN!

Due to the nature and rarity of this technology, we are only able to provide service to a limited number of people. Apply now and we’ll reach out to schedule a consultation to make sure that Eco Lawn Bots are right for you!

“Eco-LawnBots made it so I could spend my weekends getting extra work done for my small business, instead of cutting the grass. That time is invaluable to me! I would HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE who hates yard work.”

John Weiss


We’re incredibly excited to bring this technology to market, and we know that people are going to appreciate never having to mow their lawn ever again. 

Are you ready to join our list of happy customers who get to spend the weekend doing whatever they want, instead of pushing a mower in the hot sun?

What Can Eco Lawn Bots Do For You?

Reduced environmental impact with low carbon footprint, no noise pollution and no yard waste!

Healthy automatic mowing of your lawn.

Anti-theft package built into each mower!

Eco-LawnBots eliminates the burden of mowing your lawn weekly. Bots can mow in all weather conditions, and at all times of the day or night!

Never Mow Your Lawn Again!


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