What's This Infrared Sauna Thing All About?

Pure Recovery Is Here, And It's Spicy

The Perfect Surrounding

Enjoy our private, infrared sauna at our South Loop location! Infrared sauna’s are built to blast your body with amazingly beneficial infrared rays (identical to the good stuff from the sun). These help to stimulate the lymphatic, immune, and cardiovascular systems in your body.

Enjoy Some You-Time

Does your body feel like the grease trap at the world’s busiest fast food restaurant? Infrared Sauna’s provide amazing detox benefits while also helping to shave off some of that winter time stress and fatigue.

The temperature does get pretty warm, usually between 110 – 130 degrees, but the room is completely safe for most normal, healthy adults. Should you feel overheating or uncomfortable, you’ll be able to leave the chamber at any time. 

If you are unsure if you would be able to use an infrared sauna, please consult your health care provider before booking a session.

Book - Bake - Feel Great

Once you’re ready to book a session, you can just call us or book online.

Wear light and loose fitting clothing on your sauna day, and make sure to stay hydrated before your session. Our team will greet you and escort you to your private room, where you’ll be able to change and start your session.

The Best Experience Ever